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About JRH

Personal Attention

Working with JRH Drafting & Layout LLC means you are working directly wtih our founder, Jonathan R. Hall.

Uniquely Qualified

Not your typical computer guy, Jonathan is a craftsman with more than 30 years’ hands-on experience in all phases of the architectural metals trade.  This, along with his AutoCAD skills, makes JRH Drafting & Layout uniquely qualified to create beautiful, accurate, professional-quality 2D submittal shop drawings that actually work for fabricating and installing your architectural metals project—real working drawings that are not just a copy of the architectural drawings. With Jonathan’s unique experience, JRH can also offer field measuring services and layout work, preparing cut sheets with fully dimensioned sketches for fabrication and installation. 

Experience Counts

  Jonathan’s qualifications include:

  • An award-winning apprenticeship through Sheet Metal Workers’ Local Union 108, Los Angeles, California;
  • 30+ years of hands-on working experience in all phases of the architectural and ornamental metals industry, in the office, shop work, and on the job site, with an emphasis on layout, field measuring, and detailing;
  • Demonstrated natural talents for blueprint reading, layout, AutoCAD detailing, and personnel management;
  • 15+ years’ experience working with AutoCAD;
  • A detail-oriented approach with an obsession for accuracy;
  • An exceptional work ethic and unflagging personal integrity.  


Submittal Shop Drawings

 JRH specializes in the preparation of detailed 2D AutoCAD submittal shop drawings for the custom architectural and ornamental metals industry.  JRH works closely with you, the architectural metals contractor, to detail your projects according to your standard shop procedures and capabilities, providing drafts for review and revising them as needed in order to achieve the accurate and complete shop drawings you can be

proud to submit for approval

and proud to represent your company.

Integrated Style

JRH is able to use your company’s existing AutoCAD template, or we can create one to simulate your existing drawings. We can match your existing drafting standards as needed to create the type of drawings your shop is used to seeing, or, if you prefer, we can also work with you to create a fresh new title block incorporating your company’s logo, and then use JRH’s signature drafting style for the professional look you are seeking.

More Than Submittals

 Beyond submittal shop drawings, JRH offers accurate field measuring, personally visiting the job site to verify actual dimensions, as well as

complete layout services, including

the preparation of fully-dimensioned

fabrication sketches and cut lists to fit the existing conditions.  JRH can also provide installation instructions and on-site consultation with fabricators or installers as needed for clarification, particularly on complex projects.

Other Construction Professionals

General contractors and other types of construction professionals may find that JRH can be a reliable source for professional-quality drawings and sketches as well as field measuring and even on-site layout. Whether plans for the submittal process or details for clarification, JRH will work closely with the contractor to provide exactly what is needed.

Business Owners & Homeowners

Business owners and homeowners occasionally need site plans and/or building plans of their existing property to file with local government agencies in order to obtain permits and licenses.  JRH can be a cost-effective solution to fulfill that need, carefully measuring the property and creating plans to scale, including all the information needed to satisfy the requirements of the agency involved.

Product Drawings

Preparing detailed, dimensioned, to-scale (2D) drawings of a client’s proprietary product is another service JRH is pleased to offer.  These drawings are typically used in the fabrication process and are

often posted on a web site or included in a catalog or are sometimes needed for submittal

to a government agency.


Moving Ideas Toward Reality

Disney California Adventure World of Color

S&R Architectural Metals:  Prepared detailed submittal shop drawings for custom ornamental steel and bronze railings, and other architectural features for the large viewing area at California Adventure’s nighttime water spectacular.  

Simplifying Complex Designs

In-N-Out Corporate Expansion

Electrolurgy, Incorporated:  Prepared detailed submittal shop drawings for a complex custom bent glass and stainless steel railing with cladding for the centerpiece elliptical stair at the corporate offices of Southern California’s favorite burger joint.

Drawing it to Fit

Dos Vientos Town Center

CMC Fabricators, Incorporated:  Prepared detailed submittal shop drawings for miles of ornamental steel railings at this commercial and community center in Newbury Park, California.  JRH also field measured and prepared cut sheets for each railing.

Making it Work

Encore at Wynn

CEDCO Iron:  Prepared detailed submittal shop drawings as well as CAD files for the waterjet-cut panels on a beautifully designed custom ornamental steel and aluminum railing for this vast Las Vegas landmark entertainment complex.

Designed for Safety

California Adventure Silly Symphony Swings

S&R Architectural Metals:  Prepared detailed submittal shop drawings for custom ornamental steel and bronze guardrail along with other architectural features for the queue as a part of the complete redesign of this classic swing ride.

Drawing Craftsmanship

Disney California Adventure

S&R Architectural Metals: Prepared detailed submittal shop drawings, layout, and cut lists for this steel and aluminum monumental lighted obelisk at the heart of Disney California Adventure theme park near the World of Color.

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